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"Publishing" section of the Margherita von Brentano Center

"Publishing" section of the Margherita von Brentano Center
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Science Communication addresses old and new projects, programs, and activities that promote the communication and visibility of gender research within and outside Freie Universität Berlin.

Science communication is the basis for making the results of gender research visible and available to the scientific and non-scientific public, and afforded due recognition.

To this end, innovative ideas are being developed at the MvBZ to promote the participation of various social actors in the research process within gender research, to increase the credibility of research and to facilitate free access to research results. 

Supporting publications and publishers in Gender Studies is a core duty of the Margarita von Brentano Center as it carries on the long-standing activities of its predecessor institution and continues to serve as a critical cornerstone of science communication.

This also includes various "flagship projects" in the area of Open Access, such as the Open Access repository "GenderOpen" and the "Open Gender Platform"

Addictionally, the Science Day #4GenderStudies, held annually on December 18, serves to showcase the diversity of gender studies and highlights the scientific importance of the field. 

→ GenderOpen Repository

→ Open Gender Journal

→ Open Gender Platform

→ Publication Support

→ Science Day #4GenderStudies

→ Video Series "Gender Studies at the FU - a Portrait"



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