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Dr. Sabina García Peter

Support of Early Career Researchers | Digitalization in the Gender Studies | Science Communication

+49 30 838 60990

Dr. Sabina García Peter

Lina Knorr M.A.

Research Project "Perspectives and Discourses on Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Contexts"

+49 30 838 60206

Dr. Jana Gerlach

Toolbox | Gender and Diversity in Teaching

+49 30 838 58059

Dr. Jana Gerlach

Claudia Sommer Dipl. Ewi.

Toolbox | Gender und Diversity in der Lehre

+49 30 838 69336

Dr. Kathrin Ganz

Project "GenderOpen Repositorium"

Dr. Kathrin Ganz

Sophie Jossi-Silverstein M.A.

Subproject C02 Property in the Human Body in the Context of Transnational Economies of Reproduction in the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 294 "Structural Change of Property"

Sophie Jossi-Silverstein

Sabrina Schotten M.A.

Projekt „Open Gender Journal – Expansionshilfe“

+49 30 838 68682

Kai Münch B.A.

Project „Open Gender Journal – Expansionshilfe“

Dilara Aksoy M.A.

Secretary's Office | Coordination of the Center

+49 30 838 68833

Dilara Aksoy, M.A.

Please follow this link to find the list of the former employees of the Margherita von Brentano Center.