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Networking activities at FU Berlin

Networking activities at FU Berlin
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The Margherita von Brentano Center showcases and builds networks in Gender Studies at Freie Universität Berlin through German-speaking regions and beyond, organizing activities with current collaborators and seizing new opportunities for intramural, regional, national, and international collaboration.

Alongside this work, it devises measures for supporting early career researchers in Gender Studies. Early career researchers receive support in a variety of areas, such as opportunities for networking, exchange, and collaboration. Since 2016, several individual projects in Gender Studies have been receiving financial support from funds of the former interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies at Freie Universität Berlin.

Regularly, the Margherita von Brentano Center hosts international guests who are specialized in Gender Studies for a residency, and cooperates with the holder of International Guest Professorship for Gender Studies.

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