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'Seed Money' for Projects in the field of Gender Studies

Financed from the budget of the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (IZG), whose tasks has been taken over by the Margherita von Brentano Center, Seed Funding Grants for innovative projects in the field of gender studies are available. Information on the projects from the previous calls for proposals can be found HERE.

Currently, projects are funded in two funding lines:

With this funding initiative, the MvBZ supports the planning and implementation of academic events that aim to develop and discuss new scientific ideas and innovative research perspectives in the field of gender studies. The events should be interdisciplinary and internationally oriented. Cooperation between researchers from different faculties or disciplines and active participation of early career researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral researchers) are welcome.

The MvBZ also encourages the testing of innovative event formats and new instruments of scientific exchange. The funding is open to all topics in the field of gender studies. Symposia, workshops and conferences as well as digital formats are supported.

Specific information and requirements for applying for funding line 1:

  • PhD students, research assistants, and lectures at Freie Universität Berlin are eligible to apply. Group applications are also possible.
  • Seed Fund Grants of up to 5,000 euros are available.

With this funding initiative, the MvBZ supports students and scientists in using their scientific expertise to engage with society and to test new forms of science communication. Funding is provided for projects that not only make science and research generally comprehensible and accessible, but also give the public the opportunity to contribute to scientific debates with their own impulses and suggestions. Cooperation with private or institutional partners from civil society as well as with professional science communicators (e.g. press offices, specialized agencies, experienced professionals, teachers in equivalent courses of study) is also encouraged.

The following measures are possible:

  • Innovative and creative activities to improve science communication and knowledge transfer;
  • Formats that test the further development of science communication methods and tools in existing projects. These include, among others, the following projects: participatory, dialog and participation-promoting formats such as labs, science slams, podcasts, citizen science projects, exhibitions, participatory campaigns, movies, development of learning materials, game development, blogs or social media formats.


Specific information and requirements for applying for funding line 2:

  • Advanced students, doctoral candidates, research assistants, and lectures at Freie Universität Berlin are eligible to apply. Applications from several researchers are also possible.
  • Applications made by students must be tied to a seminar.
  • Seed Funding Grants of up to 2,500 euros are available.

- Applicants are expected to cooperate with the Margherita von Brentano Center. The MvBZ will actively support the planning, implementation and announcement of the events or activities.

- Specific indication of the use of the funds and a brief report must be submitted after the funding period.

- For further information or application advice, please contact Dr. Sabina García Peter: sabina.garcia.peter@fu-berlin.de

  • Submission

Before submitting your paper, please contact Dr. Sabina García Peter (sabina.garcia.peter@fu-berlin.de) to discuss your ideas. 

The following documents must be submitted for the application: a generally comprehensible synopsis of the planned project (in German or English) of no more than 5 pages, a list of the researchers involved, work and time scheduling, financial planning, information on collaborations in the field of gender research at Freie Universität Berlin and collaborations with the Margherita von Brentano Center, the applicant's curriculum vitae, and proof of qualification.

  •  Address

Please send your application electronically with all supporting documents (as PDF) to: bewerbungen@mvbz.fu-berlin.de

  • Deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time. A selection is made three times a year (mid-March, June and December). There is a maximum funding period of one year after its approval. By then, the funds should have been spent and the project completed.

  • Selection:

The Research Project Team at the Margherita von Brentano Center (previously the Board of Directors of the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies) together with the involvement of external reviewers decide on the submitted applications.

1. Selection Round March 2021

Funding line1:

Mohammadreza Hassanzadeh Javanian (Institute for English Language and Literature)

Project: Conference Women’s Rights and Global Adaptations of Shakespeare


Funding line 2:

Laura Malagón (Institute for Latin American Studies)

Project: Researching the Internet as a gendered space. Digital ethnography for the study of female oppression and resistance


Andrey Dmitriev, Veronika Haluch, Nicole Malodobry, Matthias Matlok, Lidia Mgebrishvili, Franziska Pullmann (Master's Program East European Studies)

Project: LGBTQ*- Research in Poland and Russia (working title)


2. Selection Round June 2021

Funding line 2:

Johanna Fuchs, Rebecca Wandke, Lara Lorenz and Hannah Katharina Kiennen (Student Representatives Gender, Intersectionality and Politics / Students of the MA Gender, Intersecionality and Politics)

Project: Student Platform for Science Communication on the basis of the seminar „Das Etc. der Intersektionalität – Theorie und Praxis weiterdenken“