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Funded Projects in the Field of Gender Studies (from 2021-2022)

1. Selection Round March 2021

Funding line1:

Project: “Conference Women’s Rights and Global Adaptations of Shakespeare

Funding line 2:

Project: Researching the Internet as a gendered space. Digital ethnography for the study of female oppression and resistance

  • Andrey Dmitriev, Veronika Haluch, Nicole Malodobry, Lidia Mgebrishvili, Franziska Pullmann (Master's Program East European Studies)

Project: Queer (Research) in Russia & Poland

2. Selection Round June 2021

Funding line 2:

  • Johanna Fuchs, Rebecca Wandke, Lara Lorenz and Hannah Katharina Kiennen (Student Representatives Gender, Intersectionality and Politics / Students of the MA Gender, Intersecionality and Politics)

Project: Student Platform for Science Communication on the basis of the seminar „Das Etc. der Intersektionalität – Theorie und Praxis weiterdenken“

3. Selection Round December 2021

Funding line 1:

  • Barbara Orth (Institute of Geographical Sciences, Working Group Globalisation,Transformation,Gender) 

Project: Symposium “Feminist Geographies

  • Wikke Jansen (Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies) 

Project: Online conference: “Queer(ing) religion: transnational perspectives on gender and sexual diversity in religious communities and texts

Funding line 2:

  • Alexandra Brecht (Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin) 

Project: Partizipative Forschung „Belastungen, Ressourcen und Bedürfnisse von trans*, gender-nonkonformen und nichtbinären Jugendlichen und ihren Eltern“

4. Selection Round March 2022

Funding line 1:

Project: Sommerakademie feministische Rechtswissenschaft 2022

Project: Workshop-Lab “Exploring and Narrating Violence: the Contribution of Artistic Practices and Research from Latin America and Beyond”

Funding line 2:

Project: “Eventually Walk the Talk: Fostering Research on the Intersection of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation by Initiating a “Hello Diversity!” Podcast and Paper-thon”

5. Selection Round June 2022

Funding line 1:

Project: International Research Workshop “Gender Economics”

Funding line 1+2:

Project: “Gender awareness and visibility in communication toward food Justice”

6. Selection Round December 2022

Fudning line 1:

Project: Conference “Practicing Intersectionality in Politics, Activism and Research”

Project: Workshop “Abundance: Queer Worldings in Anthropology”

Project: Workshop “Combating Conflict-Related Sexual Violence – Comparative Insights on International and National Capacities”

Funding line 2:

Project: Podcast “Between a Border and a Hard Place: (Im)Mobilities and Intersectional Inequalities”