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Each term, the Margherita von Brentano Center organizes various activities for and with early career researches of Freie Universität Berlin in the field of gender studies.

Summer term 2023

Open MIC GeschlechterForschUng: 10 x 7,5=75 Jahre FU!

Summer term 2022

Una Europa Gender Lab: "Post-Pandemic Future of Gender Studies and Equality Politics in Higher Education"

Summer term 2021

COLLECTIVE (RE)VISION Panel Discussion “Writing, the loneliest of tasks?”

Summer term 2019

In the frame of the International Week 2019 (17.–21.06.2019), the Margherita von Brentano Center offers various activities in order to show how aspects of gender and diversity in an interdisciplinary and critical perspective can be integrated in the context of international field work.

Winter term 2018/19

Workshop “Methods in Gender Studies” (lead by Dr. Katja Hericks)