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TRAFO-Blog for Transregional Research



MvBZ  is in charge of the thread #transnationalfeminisms of the #DossierCorona series of the TRAFO Blog for Transregional Research, organized by the Forum Transregional Studies Berlin.     

The thread #transnationalfeminisms emerges from the online series “Transnational Feminist Dialogues in Times of Corona Crisis” organized by the Margherita von Brentano Center for Gender Studies at Freie Universität Berlin in cooperation with the MA Program Gender, Intersectionality and Politics at FU Berlin, Academy in Exile and Academics for Peace Germany. The contributions to the thread present issues that have been discussed and researched by gender studies scholars and feminist activists for some time, but gain a renewed urgency for the political and public sphere. The thread will build up 4 sub-topics: Care work, division of labour and changing health systems in times of crisis; Gender-based violence under lockdown; Migration, border regimes, migrant workers; Gender Studies, feminist politics and conservative backlash in times of corona. Through these subjects the thread wants to reflect on perspectives and challenges that the current situation brings along from a feminist and transnational point of view. To access the publication visit: