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Bodies, Power and Property | Reproductive Justice and Reparations: Property, Trauma, Inheritance

24.01.2024 | 16:00 - 18:00
Bodies, Power and Property, 24.01.2024

Bodies, Power and Property, 24.01.2024

Lecture series organized by Stefanie Graefe, Irina Herb, Susanne Lettow in the context of the research project Property in the human body in the context of transnational economies of reproduction.


Elizabeth Lanphier (University of Cincinnati): Reproductive Justice and Reparations: Property, Trauma, Inheritance

Reparations for reproductive injustice in the form of property transfer present a potential puzzle for reproductive justice if, as I have previously argued, property and its lineages rooted in unjust acquisition and transfer run counter to the aims of reproductive justice. Given the problems of property, I reject a self-ownership account of reproductive rights, which perpetuates patriarchal and colonial oppression and extends rights to some while withholding them from others. Yet another inherited form of injustice is intergenerational trauma, sources of which include patriarchy, colonialism, and reproductive injustice. In this talk I propose a trauma informed approach to reparations in response to reproductive injustice that 1) resists property-based accounts of reproductive rights and self-ownership and the unjust mechanisms of property inheritance; 2) attends to the injustices of inherited intergenerational trauma; and 3) offers a plausible model of shared and collective responsibility for past and present harm.

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