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Vortrag "The End of Sexuality. Feminist Theory, Body Talk and the Biological Conundrum"

10.05.2021 | 16:00 - 18:00

Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „Theorie und Geschichte von Geschlechterverhältnissen - Körper, Geschlecht und Rassismus in historischen und theoretischen Perspektiven“

Vortrag von Dr. Anne Berger, Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis

Freud worked to “enlarge” (to use his own formulation) the field, meaning and scope of
“sexuality”. Foucault has continued to “enlarge” it both with and against
Freud. Today, however, in the field of contemporary thought and epistemology one notices
a “shrinking” of what was thought under and thanks to this name throughout the 20th century.
The shape this shrinking is taking and the effects it is yielding can be observed in the
field of feminist and queer theory, a field in which sexuality, in both its Freudian and
Foucauldian sense, has for a long time constituted a major axis of reflection. In the light of
this question, I look at the biological or biologizing turn taken by some feminist and queer
thinkers, one that is fuelled by the rise of neurosciences. This turn is all the more striking as
antibiologism can be said to have been the founding axiomatic of gender studies.

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10.05.2021 | 16:00 - 18:00

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