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Prof. Dr. Dorothy Ebere Adimora is AvH Visiting Fellow (2023-2026) at the Margherita von Brentano Center

Prof. Dr. Dorothy Ebere Adimora

Prof. Dr. Dorothy Ebere Adimora
Bildquelle: Dr. Dorothy Ebere Adimora

News vom 05.12.2023

Prof. Dr. Dorothy Ebere Adimora has been awarded a George Forster Research Fellow by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She will spend her fellowship (2023-2026) at the Margherita von Brentano Center for Gender Studies. 

Her research project, titled “Gender-Based-Violence among Students, Faculty, and Staff in the Higher Education Institutions in Nigeria”, will investigate the prevalence, subtypes, and factors of gender-based-violence, the perpetrators, and predictors of the occurrence among female students, staff, and faculty in HEI in Nigeria. Her research will formulate preventive measures and working policies targeted against GBV in HEI in Nigeria.


Prof. Dr. Adimora is Professor and Senior Research Fellow of Educational Psychology, Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She has conducted numerous researches with colleagues in various areas: improving effective teaching and learning of different subjects; motivation of teachers and students; management of mental health issues; addressing problems of gender-based violence among women in higher education institutions and outside the school environment among others. She is member of the American Psychological Association (APA, C2002475896), Founder/Chief Executive Director of Moremi Psycho-Socio-Economic Foundation (MOPSEF), an NGO (Reg. No. CAC/IT/NO 153808). Member, Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), Nigeria Council of Educational Psychologists (NCEP), and Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners (CIEP).


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