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Kooperation mit der Zeitschrift Debate Feminista (UNAM, Mexiko)

Logo OGJ Debate Feminista

Logo OGJ Debate Feminista

In the context of the research focus on sexual harassment, discrimination and violence, the thematic cooperation between the Open Gender Journal, which is co-published by the MvBZ, and the Mexican journal Debate Feminista has been established. In the joint thematic section "Gender and Sexualized Harassment, Discrimination and Violence in Higher Education Contexts," scientific articles on the topic are published in parallel in both journals. The aim of this cooperation is to create a virtual place for the publication of research papers (in German, English and Spanish) on sexual violence in the context of higher education, to bundle and make visible the production of knowledge on the topic, and to promote the national and international networking of scholars in the thematic field. Click here for the call for papers. Contact: Tanja Wälty and Sabina García Peter.

Research Team

Dr. Heike Pantelmann (heike.pantelmann@fu-berlin.de)

Dr. Tanja Wälty (tanja.waelty@fu-berlin.de)

Nina Lawrenz (nina.lawrenz@fu-berlin.de)

Dr. Sabina García Peter (sabina.garcia.peter@fu-berlin.de)


former project staff

Hannah-Sophie Schüz