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Collaboration in Brazil

From 31 July to 4 August, Dr. Susanne Lettow met with gender scholars at the universities of São Paulo and Campinas as well as Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Brazil. As well as discussing current developments and challenges in gender studies, the representatives talked about possibilities for collaborating and for developing joint interdisciplinary research projects. Dr. Lettow met with employees at the agency USP Mulheres to discuss possible collaborations in anti-discrimination work.

Together with Frau Nora Jacobs of the São Paulo Office of Freie Universität Berlin, there was another meeting at the Goethe Institut of São Paulo.

At the invitation of Prof. Márcio Suzuki, Dr. Lettow gave three talks at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of São Paulo: “Reproduction: The Emergence of a Political-Epistemic Space around 1800” (2 August 2017); “Reproduction and Territory: Articulations of ‘Race’ in German Philosophy” (3 August 2017); and “The Politics of Genealogy: Hegel on Kinship, Race, and Reproduction” (4 August 2017).