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Gender & Diversity Awareness Modules

Gender and Diversity Skill Area

General Professional Skills Courses as Part of Bachelor’s Degree Programs at the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin)

Who are the courses designed for?

How are the modules structured?

Each module consists of a project seminar and a two-day training workshop, which aims to sensitize participants to how they deal with ascribed social differences, aided by outside input, discussion, and group-based and interactive methods. Here, the students are given the opportunity to rethink their own perspectives and expand the scope of action in order to acquire new decision-making skills.This type of teaching simultaneously conveys theoretical knowledge, gives students initial realistic professional experiences, and encourages them to reflecting upon their own values, modes of behavior, and communication styles – a prerequisite for education in the professional skills required today.

Completion Requirements

In the General Professional Skills Courses for bachelor’s degree programs, students may earn 30 credit points alongside the 150 credit points earned from the modules offered in their field of specialization. You can find general information on this here.

If you successfully complete a module from the gender and diversity skill area, you may receive 5 credit points. The modules are not designed to be sequential, so you may attend them in any order. When you do so, you must participate in the scheduled classes and complete a written module exam (an essay or term paper, approx. 2400 words) of at least satisfactory quality.