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Gäste am MvBZ

Olga Hünler (winter term 2020/21 - summer term 2021)

Olga Hünler is a fellow of Academy in Exile's Critical Thinking Residency Program at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, since August 2019. Olga Hünler has a keen interest in the intersectionality of gender, psychology, and culture. Her research scope includes, but is not limited to gender, critical masculinities, migration, and academic freedom. Her recent project is focused on “the construction of masculinities in sports-playing young men with a Turkish background.”

Ayşe Dayı (summer term 2019)

Ayşe Dayı is an Academy in Exile fellow at Freie Universität Berlin. Ayşe Dayı’s research, teaching and activist interests are in women’s health, health psychology, medical sociology, reproductive health rights, health services and policies, neoliberal globalization and health, transnational feminism, post-structural theory and qualitative methods.

Xiao Wei (summer term 2017)

Prof. Dr. Xiao Wei, Tsinghua University Beijing, Department of Philosophy.