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Pool of Teaching Assignments

The Margherita von Brentano Center manages the so-called "Pool of Teaching Assignments" in the field of Gender & Diversity. These are central funds for financing 13 teaching assignments in the field of Gender & Diversity Studies per semester. Each faculty and central institute can submit an application to the MvBZ for funding teaching assignments. The faculties and central institutes (teaching program committees) decide which teaching assignment should be financed by funds from the teaching assignment pool. If there is more than one teaching assignment, a priority list must be drawn up. The following points must be stated in the application: Title of teaching assignment, abstract, name of lecturer, amount/SPPW, amount of examination remuneration.

The MvBZ will review the applications and determine the total application volume. If there are more applications than can be funded, reductions are made based on priority lists drawn up by the faculties and central institutes. The resulting proposal for funding of the usually 13 teaching positions, is reviewed by the executive board, which takes the final decision.

Remuneration: The remuneration of teaching assignments is based on the current guideline on the amount of teaching assignment remuneration and is currently 38.38 EUR/hour plus examination remuneration.

Application deadlines
Summer term: February 1
Winter term: July 1

Contact: Dr. Heike Pantelmann