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Joint Call for Papers with Debate Feminista: Gender-specific and Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Violence in Higher Education Contexts

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News from Jul 02, 2023

As part of a thematic cooperation between Open Gender Journal (Germany/Austria) and Debate Feminista (Mexico), the editorial boards of both journals welcome submissions of new scholarly articles in English, German, Spanish or Portuguese on the topic of gender-specific and sexual harassment, discrimination and violence in higher education contexts.

Since the beginning of the scientific investigation of gender-specific, sexual harassment, discrimination and violence in the higher education context, the quantitative determination of prevalence, forms of manifestation and affectedness has formed a clear main interest of research. Questions about the structural conditions of higher education that favour gender-specific and sexual violence, as well as the way in which these interact with other forms of discrimination and the social positioning of individuals, have so far been rather neglected in research. It is only in recent years that a branch of research has been developing that increasingly addresses the academic conditional structure of gender-specific and sexual assaults from a structural-theoretical, power-critical and intersectional perspective. Mainly three structural factors are discussed as causal for its occurrence: the (re-) production of (binary) gender stereotypes, university power hierarchies and the academic organisational culture. In the topic-specific section on gender-specific and sexual harassment, discrimination and violence, contributions dealing with these factors will be published in particular.

The articles will be published in parallel in a new, topic-specific section that will appear in both journals starting in January 2022. The goal of this special section is to bring together international research on this topic, connect researchers, and disseminate existing research in the Latin American and European contexts. For this purpose, selected contributions will be translated.

Contributions will be submitted and reviewed according to the editorial standards of each journal.

Contributions in English or German:

Can be submitted at any time via the Open Gender Journal website (full paper submission; max. 50,000 characters) The articles will be published continuously after completion.

Further important information can be found at:



Contact: sabina.garcia.peter@fu-berlin.detanja.waelty@fu-berlin.de


Submissions in Spanish or English:

Can be submitted semi-annually through the Debate Feminista website (full paper submission; between 7,000 and max. 9,000 words. For more information, see:


Contact: debatefeminista@cieg.unam.mx

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