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Ayse Dayi

Lehrbeautragte und Trainerin


  • B.A. in Political Science, B.A. in Psychology, Bogazici University, Turkey

  • M.S. and PhD in Human Development & Family Studies (Minor in Women’s Studies), The Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.

    • Specialization in Family Studies and Intervention/Prevention Studies (developing, implementation and assessment of programs for children, youth, families)

  • Undergraduate and graduate teaching experience (9 years of teaching experience in U.S.A and 3 years in Turkey)

  • NGO advocacy work and leadership (founder of Center for Transnational Women’s Issues, founding member and board member of ARDIC organization in Turkey -a new local civil society working on women’s, children’s and migrant/refugee rights in Turkey)

  • Project management: development and directing of research projects with advocacy component, university-civil society collaborations.

  • Grant writing

  • Public speaking

Research and teaching areas

  • Transnational feminism

  • Post-structural theory

  • Women’s health and sexuality in transnational context

    • reproductive health, reproductive technologies, health policy, medicalization

  • Medical sociology

  • Social psychology, Health Psychology

  • Qualitative methods 

Working experiences:

  • NGO experience in U.S.A and Turkey (founding an NGO, fund-raising, organizing events)

  • Assistant Professor (of Gender Studies in U.S and Psychology in Turkey)

  • Acting Chair of Psychology Department, Turkey

  • Senior Researcher, Science and Technology Studies Lab (Gender Axis), Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Director of Women’s Health & Sexuality Program of Graduate Studies, U.S.A

  • Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in gender studies, cultural studies, psychology and sociology departments in U.S.A. and Turkey

  • Advising and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students (coursework, internship, master’s thesis direction)


For more information, please visit https://fu-berlin.academia.edu/AyseDayi