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Neue geförderte Projekte im Bereich der Geschlechterforschung

1. Selection Round March 2021

Funding line1:

Mohammadreza Hassanzadeh Javanian (Institute for English Language and Literature)

Project: Conference Women’s Rights and Global Adaptations of Shakespeare


Funding line 2:

Laura Malagón (Institute for Latin American Studies)

Project: Researching the Internet as a gendered space. Digital ethnography for the study of female oppression and resistance


Andrey Dmitriev, Veronika Haluch, Nicole Malodobry, Matthias Matlok, Lidia Mgebrishvili, Franziska Pullmann (Master's Program East European Studies)

Project: LGBTQ*- Research in Poland and Russia (working title)


2. Selection Round June 2021

Funding line 2:

Johanna Fuchs, Rebecca Wandke, Lara Lorenz and Hannah Katharina Kiennen (Student Representatives Gender, Intersectionality and Politics / Students of the MA Gender, Intersecionality and Politics)

Project: Student Platform for Science Communication on the basis of the seminar „Das Etc. der Intersektionalität – Theorie und Praxis weiterdenken“