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2) Funding Initiative „Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer“

With this funding initiative, the MvBZ supports students and scientists in using their scientific expertise to engage with society and to test new forms of science communication. Funding is provided for projects that not only make science and research generally comprehensible and accessible, but also give the public the opportunity to contribute to scientific debates with their own impulses and suggestions. Cooperation with private or institutional partners from civil society as well as with professional science communicators (e.g. press offices, specialized agencies, experienced professionals, teachers in equivalent courses of study) is also encouraged.

The following measures are possible:

  • Innovative and creative activities to improve science communication and knowledge transfer;
  • Formats that test the further development of science communication methods and tools in existing projects. These include, among others, the following projects: participatory, dialog and participation-promoting formats such as labs, science slams, podcasts, citizen science projects, exhibitions, participatory campaigns, movies, development of learning materials, game development, blogs or social media formats.


Specific information and requirements for applying for funding line 2:

  • Advanced students, doctoral candidates, research assistants, and lectures at Freie Universität Berlin are eligible to apply. Applications from several researchers are also possible.
  • Applications made by students must be tied to a seminar.
  • Seed Funding Grants of up to 2,500 euros are available.