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Online Workshop #4GenderStudies: Building Transnational Feminist Solidarities in Academia

Online-Workshop #4GenderStudies

Online-Workshop #4GenderStudies

As part of  the fourth edition of the Science Day #4GenderStudies, the Margherita von Brentano Center for Gender Studies is planning an online workshop on October 20th, 2020. The idea started in 2017 with the intention to show Gender Studies in all its diversity and to portray its scientific value. This year the workshop is set to strengthen the international networks of Gender Studies, as well as solidarity and agency as a scientific community.

In recent years, Gender Studies has experienced increasing threats from several sides: Inclusive networks, such as the LGBTQIA community in Poland recently, are being attacked, anti-feminists and right winged groups are on the rise, which accuse Gender Studies and activists of a so-called "gender hysteria". Gender Studies are forced to justify and defend themselves, what is not expected from any other research field. Our answer to this is an increased visibility of researchers and their work, as well as  strong mutual support. We call for solidarity: a unified bond between different scientific and geographical  communities.

With the workshop, the MvBZ wishes to take steps towards an international network. In the course of the digital event, various topics will be presented and discussed by a group of  participants. The agenda ranges from reflection on the inner-university structures and power gaps in knowledge production to questions of how solidarity can be created and shaped. The workshop is intended to create a space in which ideas can be explored, new connections can be made and first steps of planning projects together can be taken. 

We warmly invite national and international researchers and academic actors, to take part in our digital workshop! 

Time & Location

Oct 20, 2020 – 3 to 6 pm (CEST)

Cisco Webex Meeting

Further information:

If you are interested in participating please contact Sabina García Peter: sabina.garcia.peter@fu-berlin.de

Details will follow.