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Publication Support

Box with Marbles

Box with Marbles

Supporting Publishing in Gender Studies: Objectives and Projects

Professional publications are foundational for ensuring that Gender Studies’ findings are visible, available for academic debate within and outside the field, and afforded due recognition. Visible publications are a prerequisite for raising the academic profile of Gender Studies and of the discipline’s researchers and teachers.

To this end, Gender Studies needs to build on the rapid developments in the market of academic books and journals and to find innovative ideas so that, instead of merely adapting to existing models, Gender Studies is instrumental in shaping new developments.

The Publication Support department at the Margherita von Brentano Center (headed by Dr. Anita Runge) therefore aims to initiate flagship projects for modern publishing under open-access terms, which improve networking and communication within the interdisciplinary community. One current project is establishing a disciplinary repository for Gender Studies.

Components of the Publication Support Program:

  • Infrastructure development:

History of the program