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Call for Junior Research Groups “Diversity and Gender Equality”. Application deadline: 31.08.2021

News from Jun 07, 2021

The Berlin University Alliance has set out to develop and implement a systematic strategy for promoting diversity and gender and diversity studies among all of its partner institutions. Its long-term goal is to drive a cultural shift toward a diverse and gender-sensitive research environment. These measures are aimed at combatting discriminatory structures and practices at all levels and to establish diversity as a central institutional and academic concern. The long-term goals of this cross-cutting theme are to expand the already leading position of Berlin's universities in the area of equal opportunities, to increase the promotion of diversity, and to establish sustainable, diversity-related, and internationally competitive standards within the alliance.

With the call for four junior research groups, the Berlin University Alliance offers outstanding researchers (Postdocs) the opportunity to establish a joint cross-university research context in which new questions, methods, and approaches are used to create scientific foundations for empirically informed organizational development in the areas of diversity and gender equality at universities. The identification and analysis of diversity-enhancing as well as discriminatory and exclusionary structures and practices in the organizational structures and academic cultures of BUA institutions will be leveraged into the development of innovative standards and interventions that promote cultural change toward a diverse and gender-sensitive research and teaching environment.

Amount of funding:

- Lump sum for position of junior research group leader based on TV-L EG 14/15.Full-time position

- Staffing of the junior research group: Research assistant [1.0 FTE]

- Lump sum of up to 10,000 euros per year is available to the junior research group for material costs

Application deadline: 01.08.2021

Start of funding: presumably 01.03.2022
Duration: 4 years 6 months

Details: https://www.berlin-university-alliance.de/en/commitments/diversity/junior-research-groups/index.html

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