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Transnational Feminist Dialogues: Questioning Racist Structures in Academia: Perspectives from the Gender Studies

Transnational Feminist Dialogues: #4GenderStudies: Special Issue

Transnational Feminist Dialogues: #4GenderStudies: Special Issue

This event has been postponed due to health reasons. The new date will be announced soon!

#4GenderStudies Special Issue


17.12.2020, 4-5.30pm (CET)



Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodriguez (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Germany)                     

Shirley Anne Tate (University of Alberta, Canada)

Title: To be announced

Heidi Safia Mirza (Goldsmith University of London)

Titel: Decolonizing Pedagogies: Black feminist reflections on gender, race, faith and seeking solidarity in the academy

This special issue of the Transnational Feminist Dialogues takes place in the context of the #4GenderStudies Science Day* which this year focuses on the intersections of gender and race, more specifically on racism from the perspective of Gender Studies. Within Gender Studies, intersectional approaches emphasize overlaps between gender and other structural discriminatory categories such as age, sexual orientation, religion, ability, but also racist ascriptions, devaluations and marginalization must be considered. Racism as a structural problem is related to social power relations and has different manifestations in the higher education context: Inequalities in the processes of entry and promotion, asymmetries within academic discourses, discriminatory and non-inclusive practices at universities are only some of the aspects that manifest the systemic racism and liberal white supremacy in institutional spaces which affect the lives of BIPoC faculty, staff and students. The special issue addresses racist structures that shape science and academia and opens up the discussion on the contributions of Gender Studies to dismantle them, to form resistance, and to build solidarity both within the academy/university context and beyond. 


*The idea of the #4GenderStudies Science Day started in 2017 with the intention to show Gender Studies in all their diversity and to portray their scientific contribution. Since then, it is celebrated online and offline every December 18 in the German-speaking context. 


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